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Blue Moon Design is a web design and desktop publishing firm created to help small businesses improve their presence on the web and to provide support in all areas of desktop publishing and word processing.

I created Blue Moon to cater to small businesses. Blue Moon will provide you new, innovative, and cost effective ways to market your service or product - whether through the web or through print media. Blue Moon is able to give you the personalized attention that the big firms just can't provide. Each project is started from scratch and built to each client's specifications. Our products will be unique and specialized to your particular needs.

To remain competitive with other small business it is increasingly important to establish a web site for promotional purposes. The increased exposure to potential customers will raise your revenue - this makes the development of a web site extremely cost effective. Blue Moon Design will help you create a first-rate web site that will establish your business on the web.


  Web design packages start as low as $300 for a 3 page web site.
  "Has the web gone local?"
A look at how you can use a web site to market your business local consumers and bring in local traffic.
  "It may be topping out, but Internet use is still growing"
Internet use statistics - are you optimizing your audience?

"Spark has caught fire in accessories market"
An example of how a small business grew by using a company website.


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