About Blue Moon Design


Blue Moon Design has been a long time coming.

I grew up in mainly in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. My interest in computer applications was first kindled in high school - my first class in computers was a way to escape taking keyboarding/typing class. College was spent at the University of South Dakota and University of Nebraska Omaha studying Marketing and Small Business Management, and taking computer application and programming classes as electives.

My first "real job" was for the Federal Reserve Bank in Omaha. Over the course of my career with them I held various positions and finally landed in the Public Relations Coordinator job, where I managed the newsletter production, internal website development, electronic information system management, media relations, and special event planning.

Life has a way of taking you on a ride, and through a series of moves we ended up in Grand Island. I landed a position with the Community College as a trainer for the Information Technology department, doing seminars on word processing, spreadsheets, the internet and desktop publishing. The job blossomed into a adjunct instructor position, where I instructed semester-long classes on Microcomputer Applications (Word, Excel, Access) and Web Design. In my spare time (which is not much with three kids) I had been doing small jobs on the side designing web sites, newsletters and brochures for some local businesses and social organizations.

My job with the college ended in the the summer of 2003 when the birth of our third daughter was accompanied by a serious heart defect, requiring a 4 month stay at Children's Hospital in Omaha and a whole new lifestyle with a special needs child. Thus began my career as an independent web designer and the birth of Blue Moon Design - the flexibility and work load allowed me to stay home with my kids, and to care the unique needs of our youngest child, while still utilizing my talents and experience in the design field.

The philosophy of Blue Moon Design is simple - offer a design firm specializing in web design for small businesses, with a some desktop publishing on the side. I want to help the little guy establish a presence on the web, and bring some uniqueness, creativity and personal attention to detail into the mix. Enjoy your visit to the site and look me up if you would like to take advantage of all the opportunities available to your business on the web!.



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